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    20 - Fitness Alerts

    Enroll here to sign up for Fitness Class alerts via text and/or email.

    **To purchase fitness passes click "Passes" in the menu bar above**

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    Add to Cart20-13Fitness Class Alerts01/01/15- 12/31/2099M-Su12:00A- 11:59PLeavesley Park$0Item Details

    10301 - Lifeguarding

    Ages 13 - 15

    The Junior Lifeguard program is designed to prepare potential lifeguards for the skills and tasks they would need to perform when they become eligible to be hired (16 years and older). Participants will get hands-on experience and see first hand what lifeguards do on a day-to-day basis. The junior lifeguards will also learn the basics of CPR and first aid, swim lessons, and teaching water safety to families at local home owner association pools. Each junior lifeguard will participate in the lifeguarding staff weekly training on Mondays from 12:00 - 4:00pm. In addition, each junior lifeguard will be required to submit a "schedule request" at least one week prior to the first day so individual schedules can be built to meet the participant's availability. Junior lifeguards will not be scheduled for more than 16 hours per week.

    Potential hours are Monday - Friday between 9:00am and 9:30pm and Saturday and Sunday between 1:00pm and 7:00pm.

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    Read Notice10301-03Junior Lifeguarding07/17/17- 08/04/17VariesVariesVaries$10Item Details

    20300 - Summer Day Camp

    All camp sessions are currently full!

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    Read Notice20300-132017 SDC Session 106/01/17- 06/09/17M-F 7:00A- 6:00PLeavesley Park$140/$168Item Details
    Read Notice20300-142017 SDC Session 206/12/17- 06/23/17M-F 7:00A- 6:00PLeavesley Park$200/$240Item Details
    Read Notice20300-152017 SDC Session 306/26/17- 07/07/17M-F 7:00A- 6:00PLeavesley Park$180/$216Item Details
    Read Notice20300-162017 SDC Session 407/10/17- 07/21/17M-F 7:00A- 6:00PLeavesley Park$200/$240Item Details
    Read Notice20300-172017 SDC Session 507/24/17- 08/04/17M-F 7:00A- 6:00PLeavesley Park$200/$240Item Details
    Add to Cart20300-182017 SDC Session 608/07/17- 08/15/17M-F 7:00A- 6:00PLeavesley Park$140/$168Item Details

    20302 - Summer Day Camp Lock In

    **Lock-in available ONLY to campers who have been enrolled in any 2017 Friendswood Summer Day Camp sessions**

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    Add to Cart20302-32017 Camp Lock In08/11/17- 08/12/17F, Sa 7:00P- 8:00ALeavesley Park$50Item Details

    20501 - Swim Lessons - Lvl 1

    Ages 2 - 12 years
    Swimmers will work on adjusting to classes without the assistance of a parent and becoming comfortable with the water by learning skills such as floating and breath control. Techniques such as kicking and basic arm movements of freestyle and backstroke will be taught.

    Is the session you're looking for full?
    New classes are created based on the size of the waitlists. Waitlist registration is free!

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    Read Notice20501-02Swim Lessons - Lvl 106/20/17- 06/30/17Tu-F10:00A- 10:30AStevenson Park$55/$75Item Details
    Read Notice20501-03Swim Lessons - Lvl 107/11/17- 07/21/17Tu-F10:00A- 10:30AStevenson Park$55/$75Item Details
    Read Notice20501-04Swim Lessons - Lvl 107/25/17- 08/04/17Tu-F10:00A- 10:30AStevenson Park$55/$75Item Details
    Read Notice20501-05Swim Lessons - Lvl 108/08/17- 08/11/17Tu-F10:00A- 10:30AStevenson Park$27.50/$37.50Item Details

    20502 - Swim Lessons - Lvl 2

    Ages 2 - 12 years
    Swimmers will work on rhythmic breathing, becoming fully submerged, and swimming freestyle and back stroke with little assistance. The swimmers will also start to learn the basics of the breastroke kick, elementary backstroke, and head first entries from a seated position.

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    Read Notice20502-02Swim Lessons - Lvl 206/20/17- 06/30/17Tu-F11:05A- 11:35AStevenson Park$55/$75Item Details
    Read Notice20502-03Swim Lessons - Lvl 207/11/17- 07/21/17Tu-F11:05A- 11:35AStevenson Park$55/$75Item Details
    Read Notice20502-04Swim Lessons - Lvl 207/25/17- 08/04/17Tu-F11:05A- 11:35AStevenson Park$55/$75Item Details
    Add to Cart20502-05Swim Lessons - Lvl 208/08/17- 08/11/17Tu-F11:05A- 11:35AStevenson Park$27.50/$37.50Item Details

    20503 - Swim Lessons - Lvl 3

    Ages 4 - 12 years

    Swimmers should be able to swim freestyle, back stroke, and elementary backstroke with no assistance. Swimmers will be introduced to the proper arm movements for breastroke, the kick for butterfly, and shallow dives from a kneeling position.

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    Read Notice20503-02Swim Lessons - Lvl 306/20/17- 06/30/17Tu-F10:35A- 11:05AStevenson Park$55/$75Item Details
    Read Notice20503-03Swim Lessons - Lvl 307/11/17- 07/21/17Tu-F10:35A- 11:05AStevenson Park$55/$75Item Details
    Read Notice20503-04Swim Lessons - Lvl 307/25/17- 08/04/17Tu-F10:35A- 11:05AStevenson Park$55/$75Item Details
    Add to Cart20503-05Swim Lessons - Lvl 308/08/17- 08/11/17Tu-F10:35A- 11:05AStevenson Park$27.50/$37.50Item Details